After a few visits to Corner Canyon, it probably doesn’t take too long until you start to wonder; How did this get here? One might start to have a few more questions such as who were the people behind the establishment of Corner Canyon as a regional park a few years ago in 2005? How did they afford to do it? As you will read in a link below, Corner Canyon was on the verge of being sold to a developer who was planning to build 1200 homes. Some might wonder what would motivate a city to not only incur the expense but forgo all the property tax revenue from all the homes that would have been built in Corner Canyon? It seems to me that the people who fought so hard for this must have felt like the odds of succeeding were pretty low.

Well, in general, I think that the City of Draper along with the help from Salt Lake County, Quality Growth Commission, and The Trust for Public Land all came to together to successfully acquire Corner Canyon for the benefit of us. Maybe these people worked so hard to provide a platform where teenagers could choose healthy ways of enjoying their lives, where athletes could improve there skills and performance, where families could enjoy a hike together, and where equestrians could enjoy a ride through the hills for many years to come.

Here’s the links:  The Trust for Public Land

Drapers Suncrest Purchase:    Draper Purchase

Original Corner Canyon Master Plan

New Corner Canyon and Open Space Master Plan