Family Hikes with small kids

hiking is a great way to expose the outdoors and nature to young children. getting children outdoors is critical in their development and their understanding of the natural environment. 

a great book on this is last child in the woods.

Best locations for fun shorter hikes are listed below. Click on trailhead name for map:


Longbranch/Oak Vista Trailhead

Longbranch is a little over 1/2 mile down with a large canopy of trees and plenty of shade. Great hike with kids. This is a hiking only trail and you'll find beautiful wild flowers in the late spring and early summer.

Red Rock Trailhead

Start on the little access trail and turn left on the bst. walk about 1/3 of a mile and along the way, you'll cross 2 little springs. after the second one, you can turn right and head up a little trail and ACTUALLY go to where the spring comes out of the ground. there's also a little overlook that's nice also. Very well shaded and a neat place to have a little picnic.

Little Valley Trailhead

Little valley is a great place to take kids to go for a little hike. head straight up the main road from the parking lot to the little valley loop trail. make a right and follow the trail until you come to Ann's trail where you turn left. Walk down ann's until you hit the Little valley loop, turn left and return back toward the parking lot. This is a great hikes that's a little under 1 mile and there's little bike traffic. This is also a beginner mountain bike area for those kids who would like to learn how to mountain Bike in the future.