Our Mission

Making Mountain Adventures Possible Though Pathways to the Outdoors in Corner Canyon and Surrounding Areas

Inspired by Clark Naylor, Corner Canyon Trails started in 2012 with this website. In 2013, we began working on the new Corner Canyon Trails Foundation.

Our goal is to support Draper City and neighboring communities in any way we can to help fund and build new trails and to help in the maintenance and improvement of existing trails. 

In regards to that new trail, let me lift up the sleeve on my shirt and show you the goosebumps on my arm to prove how truly exited I am.
— Clark Naylor

What We've Achieved

  • Worked closely with Draper City on many new multi purpose, hiking and equestrian trails.

  • Partnered with the Wadsworth Family on the construction of the Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge.

  • Hired Gravity Logic to build Vertigo, Levitate and Zooropa trails.

  • Partnered with Three Falls Development to assist in the construction of the Three Falls trail, bridge, and future connection to Lambert Park

  • Worked with Highland City on new Hog Hollow Trailhead.

  • Worked closely with Draper City on the maintenance of existing trails.

  • Worked with Sandy City to help with the extension of the Bst.

  • Worked with Lehi City to assist with future trail development .

  • Worked with WaterPro who has been extremely helpful in allowing access through their property for new trails.